It all started in the summer of 1984, I was living in Egypt at the time, and a friend - after visiting his aunt in London - brought back the Sinclair 48+. At that time in Egypt, Personal Computers were a very expensive commodity.

Mohamed Y. - my friend - and I spent long hours playing games and figuring out how this miracle device works! As we were doing so, we stumbled upon a programming language called BASIC! WOW, we can now tell the "Sinclair" to do stuff.

We would spend hours doing stuff like trying to sort a list of entries or make it solve math problems from our school work. It was fascinating! While other kids were spending their days playing sports or their evenings in the Social club trying to meet girls, Mohamed and I spend around 12 hours a day on his computer. I would go back home every night and tell the family, especially my father (RIP), about this new thing and what we are trying to do.

He started sharing stories of his first encounter with a computer at the University of California Davis in 1969. He also started sharing with me his FORTRAN 44 manuals, and then school started.

During the school year we were not allowed to "play" on the computer and it was a very long school year. As the summer vacation approached, my dad announced that our Orange farm was profitable and that he is going to ''invest'' in a computer.

I was assigned the task of finding the "right" one. At the time, there were multiple brands all having thier own operating system. I remember Commodor 64, Texas Instruments, Tandy, Sinclair, Apple and IBM. 

We eventually decided on the Apple and we went and bought a computer! It was the Apple //c (pronounced 2c). It didn't have a hardidsk, and we bought it with the extra optional 5.25" Floopy Disk Drive. 

This computer here in the picture is the PC that got me to really love Technology, Computers and later on change my career to Information Technology!